Vintage cars

Vintage cars

This month, Surround Library offers you a very nice serie of ancient vintage historical cars, that are falling into oblivion.

Yves Capus has spent a lot of time recording for you these 4 really nice sounding cars :

  • A Ford T from 1908
  • A Maxwell from 1904
  • A Renault from 1909
  • A Rolls Royce Silver Spirit from 1980


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Restaurants and wallas

This serie from Vincent Magnier features a large selection of restaurant atmospheres, with discussions and wallas, in various spaces and acoustics. It also includes some outdoor terraces recordings.

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We also made a Pack containing these 20 recordings : Indoor – Restaurants 1


Paris famous monuments

Here is a beautiful collection of 30 rare sounds from Yves Capus, featuring our beloved city : Paris !

You’ll find many sounds from some of the most famous monuments in France, the Tour Eiffel, but also the Notre Dame’s cathedral.

And many more…

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Authors revival!

Surround Library is proud to welcome Florent Castellani and Nirto Karsten Fischer in the Author’s crew! You can hear a bunch of their great sounds in the What’s hot section.

Also, another well known Author is back home : Yves Capus.

Enjoy their marvelous sounds, made with love and passion.

Surround Library

Surround Library is back !

It’s been a long time since we didn’t post any news on the Blog, but that’s for a reason 😎 . The system has been completely renewed and updated with the latest technologies for you in the frontend (HTML5 audio player that works on any mobile device, speed improvements when navigating in the lib with the use of caches), but also server wise with major upgrades of our core system and everything behind (Apache, PHP, etc.), for more security and reliability.

Now we can get serious, and add new sounds and Packs in the Library, with the help of two new Authors in the name of Florent Castellani and Nirto Karsten Fischer !

Stay tuned for a lot of new upcoming things for THE one and only Surround Library on the Internet.

Surround Zone 2

Surround Zone 2 available for free

SoundField / TSL has just released the second version of their A/B-Format (ambisonic) decoding plugin, the Surroud Zone 2.

The user interface has been totally revamped, and is now way less cluttured than the first release, and brings more control over the soundfield. Important detail, you can now stay in B-Format for the output, tu just manipulate the soundfield (Rotation, Tilt, and Zoom) and to decode only at the end of the chain through 5.1 or 7.1 stem, or even at the monitoring stage. Note that we still can’t use exotic output configurations like Cube, or Auro-3D, things that Harpex-B can do for example.

Another huge detail, the plugin is now totally FREE! Which makes of this plugin the only solution to decode A/B-Format under Pro Tools freely! The plugin supports RTAS and AAX (32 and 64bit) for Pro Tools 10 and 11, so there is no more excuses to not use ambisonic in postproduxtion anymore… The plugin also supports VST and AudioUnit, 32 and 64bit, under OS X and Windows.

More infos and download on the TSL / Soundfield website.

Photo courtesy of Vincent Magnier

Jerusalem, je t’aime

After three weeks working on a documentary in Israel and Palestine, Vincent Magnier came back with various Double M/S surround sounds for us, recorded with a SD788T and Schoeps microphones.

Crowds, markets, countrysides, muezzins, military planes, and so on, and as usual with 5.1 surround samples so you can check it out in your projects.

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Roomtones and many more!

Once again, Vincent Magnier strikes Surround Library with a lot of beautifull sounds!

This time, you’ll get some most wanted roomtones and air conditionners recordings, but also many meteoroligical events like thunders and rains. But that’s not all, you’ll also find here some great nature recordings in the countryside in Italy, and a massive serie of ferry boats sounds.

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