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Licence contract for use of the sound recordings in Surround Library

Surround Library commercializes sounds to private and professional customers on the following conditions and terms:
1. The sounds are commercialized by Surround Factory on the basis of the exclusive authorization that each producer has granted in compliance with the article L.213-1 of the French Intellectual Property Rights (code de la propriété intellectuelle). In consequence, the user who contracts with Surround Library (hereafter “the user”) is strictly forbidden from subsequently commercializing these sounds himself. The present Licence benefits only the physical or moral person who acquires by the present contract the right to use these sounds for his own productions or for productions he produces for a third party.
2. The present user license is conceded by Surround Library as non exclusive and for an unlimited duration on all exploitation territories.
3. The user is free to transform without restriction the sounds purchased via the Surround Library. He can use them in any manner as part of a professional, commercial, educational or private project, including any audiovisual project, multimedia production, phonogram or live entertainment project, as part of publications, television projects or communication in the public sphere, as part of the payment defined by the prices of Surround Library and paid for by the user.
4. The user is free to reproduce the sounds purchased via the Surround Library on any support, in order to safeguard the sound, or in order to use it himself or for a third party.
5. The user accepts to use protective means normally accepted in the profession to ensure that the sounds purchased from Surround Library do not become free to copy or to download by third parties from any online website he edits.
6. The present contract is subject to French law only.
7. In case of litigation between parties, they accept to try and resolve the conflict through mediation and, if mediation fails, to attribute exclusive competence to Paris (France) jurisdiction.
8. Surround Library reserves the right to update the present conditions of licence. An announcement will be made on the blog or online website under the heading “What’s hot”.