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Help section

Depending on the format you've downloaded from Surround Library, using it may appears not so easy, so we've build several Help pages to guide you on that front.

You'll find on this page different links to help you use Surround Library and its sounds.



Frequently Asked Questions, all the answers to the common interrogations you could have concerning our website, in the form of textual questions and answers.



We've made some video captures concerning most of our website functionalities, and on how to use our sounds in your DAW. This is the first step to understand quickly what it's all about.



How to use our audio files in your DAW or any editors, specifically B-Format and Double-M/S. If you need more deepfull informations than the screencasts above.



Here are some 20 seconds previews of some of our sounds, so you can make up your mind with real surround material.



Preconfigured sessions with plugins inserts and routings for various DAWs (Pro Tools, Pyramix, Nuendo, Reaper, etc.), and various plugins (Surround Zone, B2X, Harpex-B, Double M/S Tool, etc.).


InfoAudio test signals

With these you can test your studio monitoring setup for every sound we're offering. Just import them in your DAW (we provide interleaved and splitted files) and check in house if everything is correct.


InfoWhite Papers

Documentations and links on the different recording formats used on Surround Library (ambisonic, double-m/s, oct, etc.).