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Let's travel in Turkey

Surround Library is very proud to release this great serie from Vincent Magnier again, that he recorded in Turkey a few months ago.

You'll find here many great sounds from this mostly muslim country ranging from public places like parks, courtyards, streets and traffic, souk markets, crowds, Muezzins calls to prayer, but also roomtones and winds. And the list could go on.
All the sounds have been recorded with Schoeps microphones in a Double M/S setup, and 5.1 M4A samples are available, as usual with Vincent's sounds.

BrowseBrowse the sounds right here.

2 thoughts on “Let's travel in Turkey”

  • Leandro

    I have two qestions:
    1. If you record with four mikes in B-Format, how do you get the 5.1 versión? What´s about the 5th channel and the SLF?.
    2. Will you send them by mail in DVD? ,
    I have 18 archives waiting to buy and I need the best quality of sound to my system in 10.2.
    Leandro Lorrio

  • Dorian

    Actually these sounds are in Double-M/S, which is different from Ambisonic/B-Format.
    Double-M/S is a 3 mikes system (one front, one behind, one bi-directionnal for sides), and can be dematrixed to 5.1 with the Schoeps Double-MS Tool : (free)

    B-Format is differnt, and allows for the up/down dimension, with a plugin like Harpex-B :

    Anyway, we don't provide DVD/USB key sends by mail, too complicated to deal with.

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