ChampagneFinally, the talentuous Svein Berge released its wonderful plugin (AU/VST/RTAS for OS X and Windows) to decode B-Format ambisonic sounds that SurLib offers : Harpex-B.

The B-format for spatial audio was invented by Michael Gerzon and others in the 1970s as part of the ambisonic system of spatial sound recording and reproduction. The format consists of four channels, W, X, Y and Z, where W records the pressure at a point in space while the others record the cartesian components of the pressure gradient at the same point. The mathematical simplicity and physical significance of the B-format has ensured its survival as a topic of research, providing a steady trickle of commercial products for all these years.

It is possible to design microphone systems that closely approximate the ideal, physical definition. The most common design is one comprising four separate capsules packed closely together, pointing in different directions. The outputs of these capsules can be encoded into B-format. A number of software tools are also available to create virtual sound scenes in B-format.

At Surround Library, we just LOVE this plugin, which sounds great considering the first order of our ambisonic sounds! Have a try to its standalone Player release, and let us know what you think with our demo sounds!

More informations here.

Download the plugin (AU/VST/RTAS for OS X and Windows).

Download the free Player.