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About us

The Company

Logo SurLibSurround Library is a cool little french business founded at the end of 2010 by sound to picture professionnals working in the film, TV, and video game industries.
This website has been created to promote real surround recordings, to be used by top notch professionals in the various worlds of cinema, tv, video games, events, institutionals, and educational films, amongst other areas.

More informations here.

The Team

Dorian Darcourt
Dorian Darcourt

Sound re-recording mixer, sound editor, and SurLib's founder

Bruno Guéraçague
Bruno Guéraçague

Sound editor, technical master, don't try to argue with him
Vincent Magnier
Vincent Magnier

Sound recordist genius, book writer, teacher
Florian Namias
Florian Namias

Sound recordist, sound editor, and re-recording mixer
Bergame Périaux
Bergame Périaux

Sound recordist, surround master, teacher at the INA

Florent Catsellani
Florent Castellani

Sound recordist
Nirto Karsten Fischer
Nirto Karsten Fischer

Sound recordist, composer, philosopher

Be part of it

We need youAs we are a collective, we operate thanks to the contribution of each one. Any professional who wishes to participate is welcome. Like us, your mantra should be: beautiful, interesting and surround.

If you produce your own real surround material, and want to share it to the world by joining our Author pool, just send us an e-mail and we'll be glad to build something up with you.

You can have a look to our License and our Terms of Use for more informations.

Specific needs for your surround projects ?

If you need specific surround sounds for a precise project, and if you have a budget, just contact us and we'll see what we can do for you. We are fully equiped with top of the line equipments for surround recordings, so don't hesitate and give us a call.


Pierre Michalet, PHP development
Sophie Raynaud, graphic design
Carine Gabrielli, web design and integration
Hugo Guiral, french to english translations

Special thanks to Karine Semery and Ielo for their support and precious help.

This website uses mostly opensouce technologies, like Magento, Prototype /, SoundManager 2 , WordPress, and Video-JS.